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eco friendly shop

At toko! we’re dedicated to sustainable living with a range of thoughtfully curated products like our environmentally friendly grocery bags. Shop independent at a Melbourne-based eco-friendly online shop.

reusable grocery and produce bags

The TALI market bag is an ideal large reusable produce bag. BUKA drawstring bags are another great go-green product to buy online. These organic cotton mesh bags are the perfect reusable bags to help you carry and store your fresh produce without plastic. A great choice for environmentally friendly packaging making it easy to go green. 


how to store reusable shopping bags

The reusable TALI tote scrunches down to practically nothing so you don’t have to worry about folding it. It’s a great option for throwing in your hand bag, ready to shop whenever you are. The space saving design makes it easy to always have a reusable grocery bag ready to go. 

reusable straws 

Did you know that at our toko! environmentally friendly online shop we also sell reusable straws online. Our RAYA stainless steel straws are extra wide and are a great plastic alternative. These metal drinking straws come with a cotton bag for straw storage or if you’re a frequent metal straw user, the RAYA Smoothie Straw Set has a bamboo case making them easy to find in your bag. 

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