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The clock synchronization software requires only the Internet connection. The PC clock may be synchronized when the user is receiving e-mails, accesses the web and other time consuming activities. The program is not idle if there is no Internet connection. Synchronization is resumed if there is Internet connection. The software works on Windows 2000-2003, Vista-7 and Windows Server. System requirements: ■ Fast CPU and RAM. ■ Subscription to Internet. Additional Atomic Clock Service Functions: Atomic Clock Services installs the software as a windows service. The windows service program includes: 1. Atomic Clock Service console program. 2. Atomic Clock Service Services windows. Atomic Clock Service does not create additional registry entries. It acts as a windows service and settings are imported from the configuration file. So the service could be started with startup manager and no additional rights are needed. Additional atomic clock service programs: The package includes a command line program for Linux and windows. The clock correction program includes: 1. Atomic Clock Service GUI-based. 2. Atomic Clock Service Service program for Windows. The Windows Service program includes: 1. Atomic Clock Service GUI-based. 2. Atomic Clock Service Service program for Windows. Atomic Clock Service is an Internet PC Clock synchronizing application that helps you perform some time synchronizing actions, provided by settings like: time offset, synchronize periods or time sources choosing. Atomic Clock Service uses the list of 19 presetting synchronizing URLs all over the world. The list can be easy enhanced. The application consists of the windows service program and the console program. You can use the consol for options settings, log file viewing and synchronization control. The package can be used as personal computer or office workstation synchronizing solution. The service program can synchronize PC that works under a user login with restricted rights. The main idea of the program is to synchronize your PC's clock in the most reliable and resource-saving way. The unique Time Offset feature of the program allows setting up your PC clock to gain or to lose for a specified interval. Many our users value this feature greatly. Clock in your PC needs to be corrected only several times a month. And it is this fact that defines the way the program works: the program runs when Windows starts, checks whether synchronization has been done this day already, and stops immediately if so. Otherwise the program checks a5204a7ec7

An Internet Atomic Clock Service that allows one to: ■ use it as a PC clock synchronizing solution; ■ synchronize the PC clock with atomic clock using official time servers for US and other countries; ■ synchronize the PC clock with atomic clock by the local server; ■ synchronize the PC clock with atomic clock using NTP protocol; ■ add/deleting time server from the list; ■ add/deleting time server manualy; ■ add/delete/edit time server automatically; ■ automatic daily synchronization; ■ change the time and date format by setting in preferences; ■ save all settings on the computer; ■ print a list of the servers on the screen; ■ a user can synchronize one or many PC with Atomic Clock Service using a user-account (or a group account) with restricted rights. ■ If you use Atomic Clock Service for synchronize your PC you will be able to use: ■ the up-to-date list of time servers; ■ the cheapest time servers; ■ atomic clock control including the time offset and correction range; ■ unlimited time servers. If you use Atomic Clock Service for synchronize your PC you will be able to use: ■ command line time synchronizing interface ■ to save all settings on the computer. ■ to print a list of the servers on the screen. ■ to synchronize user-account with restricted rights. ■ to control the synchronization quality (automatic or manual). ■ to synchronize the time server online or offline. ■ to control automatic time correction. ■ to correct the time manually with a quick click on the mouse. ■ to adjust the time automatically to the daylight saving time. ■ to limit the time offset to a range from -14 to +14 hours ■ to control/limit the time correction to the range from 0.5 to 1.7 hours in hourly mode. ■ to synchronize by the date and time of day. ■ to synchronize by setting user_timezone and user_time to host and server_timezone and server_time. ■ to synchronize between several local

Atomic Clock Service License Key [Win/Mac]

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