Your face is in for a treat with these super soft, 100% bamboo reusable/washable facial rounds. One side bamboo terrycloth for slight exfoliation, the other bamboo velour for the softest finish – after using these, the disposable kind will feel like sandpaper (sad panda face).

What you can use them for:
– Removing makeup, we recommend using the black ones for heavy application.
– Removing clay masks
– Applying toner or chemical exfoliants
– Removing nail polish (use the black ones for this to disguise permanent staining)

After use, simply run under the tap with a bit of soap and collect in a laundry bag ready for your next towel wash.

Go on, treat yourself and the environment.

BAMBU Cotton Rounds

Mesh Laundry Bag
  • 12 Pack

    - Reusable 100% bamboo cotton rounds 70mm diameter. 9x white, 3x black.


    24 Pack

    - Reusable 100% bamboo cotton rounds 70mm diameter. 18x white, 6x black.


    Option with 1x BUKA Drawstring Bag: Organic cotton mesh laundry wash bag with drawstring closure

  • Bamboo is pretty extra:

    - naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal

    - the fastest growing land plant in the world, growing 1m in 24 hours! Which means it's a highly sustainable resource
    - Creates more oxygen than trees! an area of bamboo forest will produce up to 35% more oxygen than an equal area of hardwood forest.

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