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21 days of Toko

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It’s been said that it takes 21 days to form a habit. Although this may not be 100% true, there are three distinct phases when creating a new routine that sticks.

We asked Tula Wynyard, a self confessed greenie-at-heart that wants to do better, to use Toko products for 21 consecutive days. We’re not looking for a perfect score, but an honest account of how her three weeks went with us.

After all, together, we’re better.


In some ways, I am a bit of an greenie. I compost, I take my own lunch to work, and I try not to waste too much. However, I still order takeaway after a big day, I often forget to take my own bags to the supermarket, and more often than not I buy coffee in single-use cups. I feel guilty, of course, but sometimes life gets busy and something’s gotta give.

Taking on this challenge was just the push I needed to try and create some lasting habits and get a little better at avoiding single-use plastics.

Week 1, Phase 1: The Honeymoon

  • Started out overly ambitious – I thought I would pop my pasta lunchbox in a BUKA to take to work... Bad idea, my luscious tomato pasta sauce leaked from the container. However, I got lots of compliments on my TALI bag and felt CUTE!

  • Went to get a bubble tea before my Japanese class and forgot to bring my RAYA straw. Ugh. The plastic straws are even wrapped in plastic!

  • Was about to get a takeaway coffee while running errands and then I realised I’d much rather sit and drink my coffee there. How often do I speed past when it only takes 10 minutes to have a coffee? How busy are we really?

Tula's pineapple-mint frappe with RAYA straw
  • I did a big food shop with my TOKO Starter Kit. It was super handy to have see-through bags at the checkout. Rewarded myself with a thicc pineapple-mint frappe at home, slurped down with my RAYA straw.

Week 2, Phase 2: The Fight Through

  • Remembered to bring my RAYA straw for bubble tea! Happily drank my peach pearl tea knowing I’d saved a turtle somewhere.

  • One super active day started with a boxing class, a stretch and core class, then a bouldering session. I toted around all my boxing and climbing gear in a TALI so it was ventilated and didn’t get stinky.

  • Drinks and lawn bowls on the weekend! How nice. I was feeling summery so popped all my stuff in a TALI with my keys and small things in a BUKA bag. Compliments left, right and centre – Toko, call me for promo work please and thank you.

Week 3, Phase 3: Second Nature

  • Took my gym gear to work in a TALI with plans to work out later. Left everything at work. Unfortunately, TALI was not able to solve my memory and organisational flaws. Disappointing.

  • Today I had a big professional training session and forgot my TALI to buy ingredients for dinner, which meant I got to order pizza instead of make pizza – a win-win situation because I was exhausted. Cheers, Toko.

  • Shopping excursion to the fresh food markets in Preston. My TALI and BUKA bags were the absolute MVPs – they fit heaps and were great for dividing up different bits of produce.

Feeling summery with a TALI tote

Reflecting on the past three weeks, I’ve really reduced my plastic consumption – it was actually easier than I expected to change my habits.

Keeping a TALI or two, a few BUKA bags and a RAYA straw in my bag weighed almost nothing and took up so little space, but saved me from having to use so many plastic bags and straws (not to mention looking cuter).

It may take a little longer to make a habit truly stick, but it’s definitely easier when you take your Toko.


Tula Wynyard is a Sydney-born, Melbourne-based writer and English as a Second Language teacher. Her hobbies include cooking, gardening (with limited success) and patting strangers’ dogs.

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